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Warning! Challenger Approaching!


Challenger Approaching!


I wish terraria on pc didn’t crash so much. I really don’t understand as my computer plays dark souls, skyrim fully modded, fallout 3 and others just fine but this 2D game doesn’t run…something doesn’t add up. Also, screw the update for xbox as I lost all my worlds and piggy/safe items. 6 worlds down the drain. I was able to keep what was directly in my inventory and equipped but countless hours of work cannot be retrieved without re-earning everything. So butt hurt

Lightsaber Series (3/?) - Westley and Inigo Montoya [The Princess Bride]
requested by swansassady and justabrowncoatedwench

Request a sword fight.

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This was my favorite line in the movie.  I love it when random characters suddenly react like real people.

^That is my favorite thing about Marvel movies.

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It’s a million laughs around the Science Bros

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I love my blog. Every single post has some direct connection to my interests. I can look at any month in my archive and have a fantastic experience. Cheers to me and my continued love for awesome things


When did I get 46 of you all? Last I looked I had like 20. Thanks everyone for sticking through my endless Dark Souls and anime posts